Chef Alejandro Ruíz

Chef Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo, is with no doubt one of the best chefs in Mexico, and is one of the most renowned Oaxacan regional cuisine experts in the world.Currently his restaurant "Casa Oaxaca", has been awarded the 5 Star Diamond Award for three consecutive years since 2008; In addition, in 2009, it was included among the 50 best restaurants in the country by Larousse Mexico.

Ruiz Olmedo defines his culinary style as "Cocina de inspiración", a cuisine that combines a look into the future with a reverence for the past, fusing haute cuisine with ingredients and ancestral techniques from the state of Oaxaca. Ruiz Olmedo created and directed the first Oaxacan literature and gastronomy festival "El Saber del Sabor". His role as an unofficial ambassador for Oaxacan cuisine has taken him around the world as a chef and guest lecturer. Through these formative experiences, Chef Ruiz Olmedo has continued to develop his deep knowledge and appreciation of historic Oaxacan cuisine, as well as Mexican and international cuisine; besides dedicating his time to document and preserve recipes and traditional Oaxacan culinary techniques.

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Privada de Magnolias #109, Col. Reforma, C.P. 68050 Oaxaca, Oax

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